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About JackYourBodTee


Welcome to JackYourBodTee!


Adriana J. Garcés ~AKA~ Nany, is a Multi- Disciplinary Visual Artist and the Founder of JackYourBodTee online Store. I have been working professionally as an Artist for most of my adult life. I paint, draw and repurpose objects for the end means of Art. I also write my own Copy and manage the business end of things here. I’m delighted to welcome you! It is an honor to show my work and hope that you will be just as delighted each time you visit.

This space is built on the immense appreciation I have for both music and dance, which inspires my artwork greatly~ among other things. I hope that it will inspire you to find all the reasons why the Arts and Culture are truly good for the mind, body and soul. The name and title of this business and store: JackYourBodTee, is my nod to House music. It’s a play on words of the music track by Steve “Silk” Hurley, titled “Jack Your Body.” The legendary track became one of the pieces which made charts and dance floor memories. It also continues to be a favorite for music sampling. Although I appreciate many genres in music, House is the one that gets me going whenever I want to pick up the tempo- so to speak. It’s not just for dancing! 

My wishes are to bring positive joy to the places and people who make up our world, enriching the minds and hearts of our societies- from our youth to our elders. We as Artists share our passions by means of expression. Caring to understand the world around us, our lives are literally exposed in the forms of Art we practice. I began to develop this shop without financial resources. I work on doing anything decent within my reach to support it, so that I may continue sharing this lifelong passion with you. When I state: “for The People,” on my site’s slogan, I refer to people everywhere who should receive, expect and respect our natural rights to Freedom.

*I am in no way related to any political organization or movement.

Here, you will find my original artworks and prints on quality surfaces for home, workspaces and gathering places alike. Have a look around…I have much more in the works to share! Please feel free to follow me here in the Store, as well as on social for all updates and new product launches. Thank You for your Patronage!

Sincerely, Adriana J. Garcés ~AKA~ Nany

Artist and Founder of: